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About Engineering Village

About this blog

The Engineering Village blog provides information on the latest developments on Engineering Village--new features, new content and new supporting materials.  Make sure to follow us on Twitter, and subscribe to our newsletter.

About Engineering Village

The first choice for serious engineering research

Engineering Village is an essential resource for students, researchers and faculty who need to stay up-to-date in their field, acquire knowledge in new areas, set up research proposals and write papers. It is the leading information discovery platform specifically designed by and for the engineering community, with engineering literature from reliable sources, including journals, conference proceedings, trade publications, patents, government reports, and articles in press. Engineering Village users have easy access to the most comprehensive resource for engineering information and can be confident search results are relevant, complete, accurate and of high quality.

Databases on Engineering Village

Engineering Village offers access to 12 engineering literature and patent databases on a single platform and provides coverage from a wide range of trusted engineering sources. The databases have been carefully selected to provide breadth as well as depth of content.

About Elsevier

Elsevier is a world-leading provider of information solutions that enhance the performance of science, health, and technology professionals. We empower them to make better decisions, deliver better care, and make groundbreaking scientific discoveries.