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Compendex Tags Open Access Articles

on Wed, 08/07/2019 - 03:54

Open access (OA) documents are an important and growing part of engineering research.  Peer-reviewed scholarly articles in engineering research literature are increasingly available online, without restrictions. Starting August 2019, Compendex will have over 1 million documents tagged as Open Access. Each Open Access document is peer reviewed and free to read and download. 

Researchers will find Open Access documents indicated in 2 ways within Compendex:

  • Open Access indicator at the end of an article title – Each open access article will be indicated with an (open access) text at the end of the title on the results and record pages.  Additionally, the (open access) title indicator will be included in citation downloads and output.
  • Limit a search to only open access articles - After an initial search query, Compendex users can narrow to open access content from their search results page via an Access Type filter located on the left side of the screen.  Limiting to open access documents will narrow the document result set to articles that have a full-text version available via open access. Researchers can click the document link to connect to the full-text.


    Open Access filter and indication on results page on EV

    Open Access filter and indication on results page on EV

Open Access content, plus all the other journal, conference, book, standards, dissertation, and additional critical engineering research content found in Compendex make Engineering Village the very best place to find comprehensive engineering research.  And, as engineering research and content formats evolve, Engineering Village will continue to bring a comprehensive and easy to use research experience to users, with the objective of making engineering research more successful.