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Customize your output with new sort features

on Thu, 05/11/2017 - 13:18

Engineering Village has added the ability for users to select up to 10 different ways to sort records before downloading, printing or emailing records.

What is new?
Users of Engineering Village can now sort their output in a way to make record analysis easier to and keep their research organized.  For example, a user who wants to identify all papers by a specific author within their selected records set can sort by author name, and then output the records in the sorted format.  Engineering Village enables users to print, email or download records to commonly used programs such as Mendeley, Google Drive, Dropbox, EndNote, RefWorks, etc.

Author and date sorting are two top uses of the new feature.  For example, an Engineering Village user tracing research done on hydraulic fracturing technology over the past 40 years wants to download records in date order.  After doing several searches and selecting relevant documents, the researcher sorts the selected records by Date with the most recent (newest) published documents at the top of the list and downloads the file.  The researcher now has a handy timeline of engineering technology developments for the past 4 decades.

How to use the new sorting?

1) Do one or more searches in Engineering Village and select records on the results page.

Click on ‘Selected Records’ above the results set  and select your sort type from the drop down box on the right side of the page:

2) Select Email, Print or Download.

Try out the new sorting today on Engineering Village