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Customize your Search with your favorite search fields

on Thu, 03/30/2017 - 13:03

Engineering Village makes it easier to use favorite fields for future searching. Users can now employ a new option for customized and personal searching. Result: less time and fewer clicks are needed to construct a new search, saving valuable research time. 

What has changed?
The researcher’s most-used or favorite fields can now be saved and used every time the researcher logs in as a registered user.  The user does not need to spend time choosing fields from the drop down list each time a new search session is begun. Searching becomes easier!

How it works
Registered users can customize the ‘Advanced Options’ section of the Quick Search form to contain fields that are used most.


1) Log into Engineering Village as a Registered User.  If you don’t already have a personal registration, it is fast and easy to create by going to

2) Select the Settings tab, then ‘My Preferences’ on the top navigation bar:

3) Select the Search tab:

4) Choose Advanced Options

5) Select the default fields for the Advanced Options area of the Quick Search page and Save:

How customized searching benefits users: some examples

  1. Task: A researcher frequently uses the ‘Date’ field to narrow search results. 
    Solution: The user can now have the ‘Date’ field open and easily accessible every time the Quick search form is displayed, saving time.
  2. Task: A researcher is interested only in finding conference proceedings or dissertations. 
    Solution: The user can select the ‘Document Type’ field to appear on the Quick search form and choose either conference proceeding or dissertation for each search.  Having the ‘Document Type’ available for each search speeds the navigation and research time for the researcher.
  3. Task: A researcher needs to sort search results with the most recently published documents at the top of the list. 
    Solution: The researcher customizes the Quick search form to always display the ‘Sort By’ feature which streamlines and speeds finding information.

 Try it out today. Login with your username and password, go to ‘My Preferences’ and see how this new feature makes searching on Engineering Village even more convenient!