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Easier to search Geographic Terms in GEOBASE

on Thu, 09/07/2017 - 12:06

GEOBASE researchers now have a faster, easier and more direct method of leveraging the geographic terms included in GEOBASE records. While geographic terms have always been searchable within the Expert Search form on Engineering Village, they are also now available on the Quick Search page. 

Geographic terms are used to describe the most important location information contained within a document.  These terms can describe very specific locations such as a city or broad territories like a continent or ocean.  For example, document about the Grand Canyon could contain terms for Arizona, Grand Canyon National Park, Little Colorado River and the USA. By narrowing a search to geographic terms, a researcher can retrieve more relevant records. 

Steps for completing a search using Geographic Terms via Quick Search:

1) On the GEOBASE Quick Search page, type your search topic in the search box:

2) In the All Fields box, click on the arrow to expand your field choices:

3) Select the ‘Geographic Terms’ field and run your search:

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