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Easily identify grant funding organizations and discover collaborators with three new grant funding fields in Engineering Village

on Wed, 09/21/2016 - 22:34

Whether you wish to pursue grants for a specific area of research or need help in identifying funding organizations and discovering collaborators, our three new grant funding fields allow you to quickly search for engineering research related to a specific funding agency or funded project.  

How it works:

1) Grant Funding Acronym 2) Grant Funding Number 3) Grant Funding Sponsor

  • Identify new sources of research funding
  • Learn more about previous research funded by an organization
  • Track funded researchers and institutions​

Results page in Facets

  1. Search Compendex
  2. In the Facets area of the Results page, scroll down to Funding Sponsor
  3. Limit to one or more of the sponsors


Search - Field dropdown

  1. Use the dropdown box to narrow your field to Funding Sponsor
  2. Type keyword into the search box


Expert Search - Search Codes

  1. Do an Expert Search using the Search Codes: GRA, GFN, GAG