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Engineering Village: 2016 Highlights

on Thu, 01/05/2017 - 17:51

By Sally Fell

As we close out 2016, the Engineering Village team would like to thank our customers and wish you the very best for 2017.  We will continue to evolve the Engineering Village platform to meet our customer’s changing needs.  Let’s take a look back at the achievements made this year:

Grant Funding – Users who want to identify grant funding resources or track projects sponsored by funding agencies can use three new grant funding fields in Compendex, GEOBASE, EnCompassLIT, Chemica and PaperChem.  Grant Funding Sponsor (GAG), Grant Funding Number (GFN) and Grant Funding Acronym (GFA) can be selected from the field drop down box on the Quick Search page or used as search codes within an Expert Search.

Knovel Content – For customers who have a Knovel subscription, we added the ability to search Knovel book and conference proceedings from the Engineering Village platform.  The Knovel records are included in Engineering Village search results lists.  Users can click on the Knovel record link which launches the content on  This feature provides an additional access point to Knovel content.  It does not replace the existing search functionality of capabilities found on Knovel.

Improved Saved Searches and Alerts – The Engineering Village team improved the Saved Search and Alerts features in several ways.  Users now have the ability to assign a custom name to saved searches and alerts.  This is a useful feature if the saved search query is long or a user wants to track searches and alerts by project name or date.  Also, users can choose to receive only Alert records published within the past year which eliminates journal backfile records that may be added to a database. 

Easier Record Sharing – At Engineering Village, we are committed to helping our users advance progress in the field of engineering by sharing knowledge with other experts in the field.  We streamlined the Share and Email functions within a single menu where users can choose to email a record link, post a record link to a website or use the record link in a blog post.  Records can also be emailed to one or more recipients in the Abstract or Detailed format. 

Training and Learning Opportunities – We know users like convenience and speed when it comes to research and keeping up-to-date on the field of engineering.  For these reasons, we developed new ways of learning about useful Engineering Village features and tools.  The Getting Started tutorials are available on a tab on the right side of the page when users first access Engineering Village.  The Getting Started program leverages new and existing YouTube training videos in a way that users can track their progress.  For new customers, we also developed quick text-based training program.  These resources combined with our blog, video, newsletter and support resources provide many options for our users to learn and stay current with Engineering Village research tools.

And more! – We streamlined the search process by adding a search box at the top of the record page making search query modification faster.  Also, customers who want to implement a federated search solution to access Engineering Village can obtain a new API which enables searching on the customer’s own interface.  Finally, in January 2017, we will be releasing our numeric search filter to make finding and narrowing searches based on numeric parameters quick and simple.

We look forward to implementing many more useful features within 2017 and working with our customers to help advance the field of engineering in new and exciting ways!  Join us for a webinar on January 31 to learn more about our new numeric search features and review highlights from 2016.


Sally B. Fell is a Product Manager for Elsevier’s Engineering Village.  Sally manages implementation of product features for Engineering Village and develops new ideas based on customer input. She is a graduate of Marietta College (BA), The University of Michigan (AMLS) and has a post-graduate certification in Management Information and Decision Systems (MIDS) from the Weatherhead School of Business at Case Western Reserve University. Sally has over 20 years’ experience working in academic, corporate and public library markets primarily developing and managing online database products.