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Engineering Village Completes Migration to New Identity Management System

on Tue, 03/24/2020 - 14:05

Engineering Village is pleased to announce the completion of the migration to Elsevier's new Identity Management System.    

The new Identity Management System improves users’ sign in, registration, remote access experience, and enables Single Sign On access across Elsevier products. In addition, the new system allows users access enhanced personalized features and remote access outside institutional IP ranges.  

The new Identity Management System provides the following benefits: 

  • A consistent, simpler user experience for signing in and creating an Elsevier Account, including improved integration with browser password managers 
  • Reliable Single Sign On eliminating the need for users to sign in again as they move between multiple Elsevier products and services 
  • A new, integrated flow for gaining remote access from anywhere via institutional (federated) login or institutional email confirmation 
  • All remote access methods available and working consistently across all products 
  • Full compatibility with mobile devices and apps 

Several Elsevier products such as Mendeley and Scopus have already adopted Elsevier’s new Identity Management, and throughout 2020, we plan to update many of the other Elsevier products and services to bring all users of Elsevier solutions the same benefits.

Please click here for complete overview of important changes that admins and end users need to know about the new Identity Management System migration and complete list of support resources!