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Engineering Village has an updated look!

on Wed, 07/12/2017 - 11:04

On August 2, Engineering Village has launched an updated user interface which provides a modern interface experience while keeping all the current navigation and high quality functionality that users rely upon for managing engineering research. This interface refresh project has being completed with user input via focus groups and interviews which are driving the enhancements. 

Highlights of the interface update include:

  1. Header navigation: The new header now includes Search options (basic, advanced, experts search), Results, Alerts and selected records.
  2. Search options:  The main search options such as the Database(s) selection, Date, Language and document are now clearly visible.
  3. Personalization details: personalized features such as Alerts & Saved searches and My preferences are now grouped under a pull-down menu.

Picture 1: Updates to the home page:

Picture 2: A cleaner search results page, making it easier to find an article:

Picture 3:  Intuitive refresh of the abstract and detail pages:

We are curious what you think of the updated look. Feel free to send us your feedback