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Engineering Village Releases New, Improved Record Sharing

on Wed, 10/26/2016 - 17:29


Share the knowledge contained in Engineering Village with other experts in your field by leveraging our new and improved record sharing feature. We've streamlined the ability to share records whether via email or by embedding a record link on a website or blog.

How it works:

We've combined the Share and Email buttons on the Record Abstract and Record Detail pages in order to provide all sharing choices within a single menu for your ease of use.  From the Share menu, simply copy your link and paste it within a blog post, website etcetera. You can also email records to one or more recipients in the Abstract or Detail record format.  

See examples below...


  • You find a record that would be useful for a critical project.  Now, you can send the record detail information to three other colleagues via email.


  • You discover a record ties in closely to research being done by a graduate student in the Engineering program.  You can easily send the record directly to the student.


  • You have a website with suggested readings for a course. You can now embed a link to the relevant Engineering Village record abstracts on your course website.

Graduate Student

  • You've published an article that was recently added to one of the Engineering Village databases.  Simply posts a link to the record on straight from your blog page.


  1. Do a search and click on any record on the Results page
  2. On the Record page (Abstract or Detail), click on the Share button
  3. Choose either Blog, Email or Embed Link on a website.

Share button:


Share menu with Email Link chosen:

Email Record:

Embed Link:

Please email with questions.