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Engineering Village September Updates

on Tue, 10/06/2015 - 12:39

We are excited to announce the following Expert Search enhancements to guide your engineering research more effectively.

Expert Search enhancements:

  • Search codes are newly updated to help quicken discovery
  • A new interactive Expert Search tutorial helps guide you to better results by prompting tips and tricks during your research. For example:
    • Browse Indexes
      Did you know that selecting terms underneath Browse Indexes is the easiest way to conduct an Expert Search?
    • Search Codes
      Do you know how to use field tags to construct an Expert Search?
    • Search Tips
      Have you tried implementing Search Tips to construct phrases, use wildcards and more?
The Expert Search training guide is available through the ‘Support’ dropdown then, ‘Tutorial’.
Browse Index highlights the easiest way to launch Expert Search
Search Codes shows how to construct a search using field tags. 
Search Tips discloses useful search operators and other  tips on constructing phrasing and use wildcards.

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