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Engineering Village training materials for Compendex, Inspec, GEOBASE and GeoRef

on Tue, 09/22/2015 - 19:02

The Engineering Village toolkit is an easy way to promote
Compendex, Inspec, GEOBASE and GeoRef to your users.

Download all training assets in one easy zip file.

Training materials include:

  • Overview emails 
    Overview emails feature database descriptions,search methods,
    links to training videos, registration benefits 
    and new site features.

    Click on the message to load the email into Outlook, then forward it to your recipient list!
  • Search widgets 
    Compendex and Inspec widget guides provide instructions on how to implement a 
    search widget on your LibGuide page to provide 1 click access to Engineering Village.  

  • Training videos
    The 'How to embed' training video guide for Compendex shows step-by-step instructions
    on how to add Compendex training videos on your LibGuide pages.*

    Other training video links can also be found on the Promote Engineering Village page, 
    as well as, in the overview emails.

  • Silent library reel 
    The silent 4-minute Engineering Village library reel is visually pleasing and easy to
    implement in your library. Highlights include, how to quickly search and refine results
    to unlock authoritative and accurate engineering information. An MP4 file is ready to play,
    but if you'd like to customize the reel with your institution's logo, a PowerPoint deck is also 

  • And more...

Want to request additional training materials or provide feedback? Contact Engineering Village Marketing

*Everytime the video is updated or replaced, your video will automatically update too!