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EV extends analytics capabilities with 'Inspec Analytics'

on Thu, 10/24/2019 - 19:30

Engineering Village (EV) is continuously updated to ensure that it remains the premier choice of engineering researchers worldwide as they utilize EV to make informed choices about their research. Analytics is one of the key pillars of value in EV, and the recent addition of ‘Engineering Research Profile’ (ERP) to its Compendex database provides users with unique insights into the research output of institutions. With Inspec Analytics (IA), EV now expands these capabilities to the Inspec database as well.

EV users with access to Compendex & Inspec can now harness the combined power of ERP & IA to find previously hidden insights in their research, enabling them to make key strategic decisions, and answer critical questions such as: What subjects are increasing in output in my field of research? Or What journals publish the most on my topic of interest?

Inspec Analytics brings to EV the capability to:

  • Monitor the research output of your institution and benchmark against your competitors
  • Identify emerging trends to explore new fields and plan the focus of future research investments
  • Find & monitor collaboration opportunities within academia, and with industry and government

The Engineering Village platform directly links to the Inspec Analytics capabilities of IET, there by providing the full breadth and depth of capabilities offered, while providing the full range of EV’s content, search and analytics capabilities.