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GEOBASE and GeoRef Enhanced Map Features

on Wed, 05/31/2017 - 10:08

Location based information adds additional insights to basic research and data analysis. GEOBASE and GeoRef users have access to updated map features on the Engineering Village platform. The Show map feature enables users to put their research results into geographical context by visually representing the location of the document topics retrieved via a search within GEOBASE or GeoRef. Researchers can click on any of the map points and refine their search to that location. Additionally, maps have been updated to include a high quality terrain map and links to the GeoFacets database. Current customers of GeoFacets can launch the database automatically via a banner at the bottom of the map. Researchers without GeoFacets can try the database by purchasing 7 day, 30 day or annual subscriptions.

The map feature may load automatically on the Results page the next time a user of GeoRef or GEOBASE goes to the Results page. Once the map is closed, users can access the map anytime by clicking on the Show Map button on the Results page.

How to access the map feature within GEOBASE and GeoRef:

  1. Do any search within GEOBASE and/or GeoRef
  2. On the Results page, select the Show Map feature:
  3. Select any point on the map to launch a new search based on that location or click on the GeoFacets link at the bottom of the map window: