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George Washington, America's first President and an engineer

on Mon, 02/22/2016 - 22:07

National Engineer's week in the United States is held every year during the week of George Washington's birthday on February 22nd. George Washington was the nation's first President and he was also an engineer in his own right. At a very young age, Washington began surveying (for more information search Engineering Village database, GEOBASE,1973-2016: (((george washington) WN ALL) AND ((surveying) WN ALL)) in Expert Search. Later, Washington designed and expanded his country estate, Mount Vernon. Washington also created new farm tools, invented a new plow to rotate and dispense seeds and advocated the advancement of engineers.

As President of the Potomac Company, George Washington tried to hire American civil engineers to plan and design the construction of the Potomac Canel, but without consensus of the company's board, the project was not undertaken by engineers. By 1823, the Potomac Canal was deemed a financial and engineering failure and it changed the view of engineering in America for the better.

For more information, search Engineering Village database Compendex 1884-2016: (((George Washington) WN ALL) AND ((civil engineering) WN ALL)) 

Trivia: Born February 22, 1732, today mark's George Washington's 284th birthday.