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Integrate Engineering Village data within your own platform

on Thu, 08/25/2016 - 23:19

Introducing Engineering Village's new Search and Retrieval APIs

Engineering Village APIs are the perfect choice for your federated search solution to access and present Engineering Village content within your own interface in a seamless behind-the-scenes data integration from our platform to yours. Plus, anyone can obtain an API key and use Engineering Village APIs free of charge through our developer portal.

More information:  

  • Both Search and Retrieval APIs help meet your research needs more effectively as the APIs are designed to increase the discoverability of Engineering Village content. 
  • All Engineering Village database content was made accessible via Search and Retrieval APIs, although access to the database content of your choice is dependent upon your subscription level.

Learn how to request Engineering Village Search and Retrieval API support from our developer portal:
Need more information? Contact us with your questions and comments.