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More Ways to Track Engineering Research Output

on Wed, 01/02/2019 - 19:01

The Engineering School Profile, launched on Engineering Village in 2018, helps engineering deans and administrators make better decisions about grant allocations, research focus, and overall strategy.

It demystifies engineering research output and summarizes the research landscape of multiple educational institutions using the power of Compendex.

Now, the Engineering School Profile has just made it easier to track research output at specific institutions, while also giving you access to more must-have information.

Access to Search History and Favorites List

You can now quickly access the engineering research output of your favorite or most recently searched institutions. A rolling history of your last five searches automatically appear under the Search & Add box, helping you keep track of your queries. Additionally, you can add up to five “favorite” institutions to help you compare and track research at peer institutions.

Note that you must be a registered user of Engineering Village in order to access the “favorites list” feature.

View More Feature

By default, each Engineering School Profile chart shows the top 10 items for each category. However, now you can click “view more” to get up to 160 more items in a bar chart. More access to data means better decisions.

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