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Narrow Down to What Matters

on Thu, 08/23/2018 - 16:57

When you have an idea in mind, you often turn to online tools to find answers. The problem is, many times, you might not know the right search terms to uncover the most relevant results.

Engineering Village has made refining and narrowing research results fast and easy through a new Suggested Terms feature on the Results Page. 

After completing an initial search, users will see up to 5 suggested terms listed under the search box at the top of the Results Page. The suggested terms leverage the unique and powerful controlled vocabulary within Compendex and Inspec to help users narrow their search results.  By clicking on any of the Suggested Terms, a new search will run combining the original search with the suggested term.  Users can keep adding Suggested Terms to further refine the search.  The feature is available to customers with Compendex and/or Inspec.

Some of the benefits of this feature include:

  • Ability for researchers to improve their research success through the use of easily accessible and highly relevant search terms
  • Users have easy access to terms they may not have considered.  This is especially useful for novice users
  • The location of the terms under the main search box speeds the search process because the terms are quickly visible and easy to locate
  • Each Suggested Term leverages the Compendex or Inspec thesaurus terms which produce highly relevant research results

Let’s put Suggested Terms into action. Here are some examples of ways engineers can narrow their searches

  • Undergraduate engineering student is beginning a paper on Bridge Construction.  The student begins with a search on Bridge and then discovers several ways to narrow the search using the Suggested Terms.  The student keeps narrowing with the Suggested Terms until a highly relevant set of results is achieved.  No additional searches were necessary.  The Suggested Terms helped the novice researcher to formulate the next search and narrow results.
  • A corporate engineer needs to do research on how to best mitigate steel corrosion.  The engineer starts with a search on Steel Corrosion and sees a suggested term for Corrosion Protection and then narrows again to Corrosion Resistance.  With the addition of each suggested term, the engineer finds an increasingly relevant set of results.

Suggested steps to take:

  • Do a search from the Quick Search page
  • Once on the results page, select any of the Suggested Terms located just underneath the main search box
  • Each time a Suggested Term is selected, a new search is automatically run and a new set of terms is suggested

Go from potentially thousands of results to the few or so that matter.