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Search for the Stars

on Thu, 02/28/2019 - 14:29

Indexing capabilities across Engineering Village help users find more relevant search results. Now, Inspec on Engineering Village has just made it easier to find astronomical objects.

Astronomical indexing within the Inspec database enables users to search for individual astronomical objects. These could include items like constellations, galaxies, star clusters and nebula. Astronomical Indexing is a way of controlling the literature by collecting together celestial objects with standardized designations.

Using the Astronomical indexing, a user can limit to a celestial object in the form of a galaxy, star or comet. They can also limit their search using positional information, discovery year, or the object’s velocity. In the example below, the user is searching for the Virgo Cluster Catalog, but uses the term “VCC” which covers all relevant terms associated with the Virgo Cluster Catalog.

To use astronomical indexing, make sure your search is limited to “Insepc”. Then, change “all fields” to just “astronomical indexing”.

Get started now.