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Webinar Invitation: See How Engineering Village Can Improve Your Research Success

on Fri, 02/09/2018 - 17:08

Improving your research success, saving you time, and providing quality and relevant content are Engineering Village’s goals. 

Join us on February 13th to learn how Engineering Village helped users like you discover top quality engineering research content faster in 2017. Plus, we’ll preview how 2018’s additions will further your research success. 

Register here:

Topics include: 

• Numeric filtering: Engineering Village is the only platform that enables numeric searching across Compendex and Inspec, helping engineers and researchers to discover results that may not have been uncovered via traditional text searching. 

• IEEE standards: Compendex on Engineering Village now allows you to discover technical standards alongside the guidance on how to achieve them. 

• Updated user interface: See how our modern interface improves navigation while keeping the same high-quality functionality that our users rely upon. 

• Preview of 2018: Be among the first to preview what Engineering Village has in store for 2018