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Access new Engineering Village features on a monthly basis

on Tue, 06/02/2015 - 14:05

Have you noticed all the updates to Engineering Village lately? In fact, there have been a regular stream of enhancements over the past 24 months. This is due to Engineering Village’s agile development cycle, a process of continuous improvement which ensures the product remains responsive to its user-community,short time of their emergence.

One of key the characteristics of agile development is that items of functionality or features are less often introduced in a single grandstanding package, but rolled out incrementally over time.  Current Engineering Village releases can sometimes seem small and relatively low key – like watching a tree that never seems to alter – until you look back over the year and see that a huge amount of progress has been made and that the boughs are now bearing unprecedented fruit.

The team at Engineering Village is highly focused on customer needs and priorities and our agile working method means updates for new features, content and platform refinements are happening faster than ever before.  Just some of the new features added in the first six months of the year include new download formats to Mendeley and .CSV, implementation of Autosuggest terms, a widget that can streamline searching and the addition of over 400,000 new conference papers to Ei Compendex.  At the same time, we have partnered with Knovel to provide links to frequently used engineering equations and tools.

Besides adding new features, we are continuously working to make the Engineering Village platform perform faster and more efficiently.  Even as users are conducting searches, updates may be happening behind the scenes as we constantly improve the end user experience and implement advanced new search features. And in the unlikely event of service availability being affected, the development team at Engineering Village can address issues and fix defects quickly. Our frequent updates and testing improves quality and produces a better searching experience for our customers.

Finally, we should stress that customer input is at the center of all updates made to the Engineering Village platform.  If a particular feature could work better with a few changes, or even if it’s working fantastically well, we’d like you to tell us. We’re committed to improving our platform’s functionality, features, to growing our content and providing remarkable value, but this means nothing if it does not address your needs. Agile development is one of the ways we seek to understand and respond to those needs, where Engineering meets research.

We love your input and welcome your product suggestions, so we can continue improving Engineering Village. Send your product suggestions to