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All eyes on Ei Compendex - four unique features on Engineering Village

on Thu, 05/21/2015 - 13:22

“Scientists dream about doing great things.  Engineers do them.”  So said novelist James A Michener – and it’s this same spirit of vigorous application that has made Ei Compendex the broadest and most complete engineering literature database in the world.

Ei Compendex  provides a truly holistic and global view of peer reviewed and indexed publications with over 17 million records from 73 countries across 190 engineering disciplines. Every record is carefully selected and indexed using the Engineering Index Thesaurus to ensure discovery and retrieval of engineering-specific literature that engineering students and professionals can rely on. By using Ei Compendex, engineers can be confident information is relevant, complete, accurate and of high quality.

Four unique features of Ei Compendex on Engineering Village

Ei Compendex is indexed specifically for engineers using the Engineering Index Thesaurus, making search results consistently accurate and relevant to engineering research. Engineering Village’s powerful search tools are integrated with Ei Compendex’s controlled vocabulary, making it quick and easy for users to refine their searches and gain insight from results. Other unique features available only on Engineering Village include:

  • Citation counts, citation details and author profiles from Scopus
  • Publisher search, limit to or exclude feature
  • Ei Backfiles for publications between 1884 - 1969
  • Articles in press from 1,261 journals

We’re working to improve Ei Compendex all the time.  Last year our content management team added over 1.2 million records to the database – not to mention 1,000 conference titles, 6,000 conference events and 400,000 conference papers.  This year we’ve started adding Reference information to Compendex records from 2015 onwards, although the coverage will eventually be extended back to 1970 (beads and flared trousers optional).  Meantime, here a few more factoids you might like to consider:    

Key Facts - Content sources (and counting)

  • 190 engineering disciplines
  • 73 countries
  • 1,988 publishers
  • 3,800+ journals
  • 117 trade magazines
  • 80,000+ conference proceedings
  • 83 book series
  • articles in press from 1,261 journals

Key Facts - Content size (and counting)

  • 17+ million records >1970
  • 10+ million journal articles
  • 5.7+ million conference papers
  • 25,000 records added weekly
  • 1.78 million records from 1884-1969 (Ei Backfile)

More information about Ei Compendex can be found here