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Engineering Village adds AutoSuggest, Mendeley web importer and new download formats

on Fri, 01/31/2014 - 13:43

The following new features were released on on January 30, 2014.


  1. AutoSuggest based on the Ei Thesaurus
  2. New Download format .xls
  3. Mendeley Web importer
  4. Modal Overlay awareness tool


AutoSuggest powered by the EI Thesaurus

Finding search terms can be difficult especially for novice users of the platform. AutoSuggest on Engineering Village helps engineering researchers find terms quickly by displaying a list of suggested engineering terms based on the 20,000 terms located within the most trusted engineering Thesaurus available, the Ei Thesaurus.


After the third character is entered in the search bar, AutoSuggest will present an alphabetical listing of engineering terms from the Ei Thesaurus. As the user continues to type, the listing of terms will adjust accordingly. User testing has shown that this gives users a faster way to find engineering terms, improved search results by locating better engineering terms and reduced chance of spelling the term incorrectly.


New download format

New to the download options on Engineering Village is the Microsoft Excel format as a download option. The addition of this format joins the CSV, PDF and RTF formats released in November and December of 2013. Engineering Village now offers these eight download formats:



Mendeley web importer

Importing results into Mendeley is now easier on Engineering Village. With one click of the Mendeley Bookmarklet in the browser, Engineering Village results are imported into a user's Mendeley account. For users of ScienceDirect or Scopus, this functionality will be familiar.



Overlay awareness tool

In order to better communicate with users at the point of use, we have introduced the Overlay (home page) dialogue box. This overlay is a tool to quickly make users aware of new features and other product announcements. When a user signs on, the overlay appears as illustrated below.  This feature will be turned on for all users after each release and stay active for approximately two weeks.



For a detailed review of the changes, please read the full release notes (PDF).




Release Date: 
January 31 2014