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Engineering Village Improves User Preferences and Introduces One-Click Download

on Tue, 10/14/2014 - 10:06

Improved User Preferences

Saving and organizing information retrieved from Engineering Village is easier than ever with improved document naming features.
From the download setting menu, enter text to be used as the prefix for all downloaded files from Engineering Village.
Each file downloaded will use the prefix entered with its respective file name extensions for the duration of the session.
For users who have registered and are logged in, the options chosen on the download settings menu can be saved as defaults by clicking the Save to My Preferences check box.



One-Click Download

Download your records into Engineering Village with just one click!
Registered users who are logged-in can preset their downloading preferences via the Settings tab.
Once set, simply click the Save to My PC button on the search results page.
Your preferences will be used each time items are downloaded from Engineering Village.
The streamlined downloading feature saves time and enables you to spend more time researching and analyzing information.


Release Date: 
October 14 2014