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Engineering Village launches ‘Save to Google Drive’ and ‘User Preferences’ features

on Thu, 05/15/2014 - 12:05

Save to Google Drive

Importing results to Google Drive is easy on Engineering Village. From your Results page, select “Download”, choose the format of the record, and then select the Google Drive “Save” button. Seven formats are available for selection, and you can then select and change the designated folders within Google Drive. Save to Google Drive is especially convenient when you need access to Engineering Village records from anywhere outside of the Engineering Village product itself.

User Preferences

Engineering Village users who login with their User Profile can set default options for basic search result and download preferences. These options include: Display results per page, Sorting, Show Preview, Download format and Download output. Setting up a User Profile is easy and free, select Register Now to begin.


Release Date: 
May 15 2014