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The Top 5 innovations from 2014 - how many did you spot?

on Wed, 03/04/2015 - 15:25

Everything we do here at Engineering Village is aimed at making you more successful in your work. We want you to be confident that the information you access is of an unimpeachably high quality and search results are relevant, complete and accurate. Since we’re continuously adding new features and content to the platform, we thought we’d take this opportunity to highlight our top 5 of the most significant developments made available to you in 2014.  

  1. AutoSuggest
    Finding the right engineering search terms can be very difficult. AutoSuggest helps you by providing a list of suggested engineering terms based on the 20,000 keywords located within the Ei Thesaurus.  Using AutoSuggest saves you time by helping you to find relevant terms quickly and easy.
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  2. Conference Content Expansion
    Staying up to date and keeping track of the latest trends in engineering is a challenge for everyone. The conference expansion project addresses just this challenge. During this multi-year project we added over 1,000 conference titles, 6,000 conference events and 400,000 conference papers in Ei Compendex.
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  3. Search Widget
    Accessing Engineering Village from an institution or library website can be a hassle, clicking through several web pages or sifting through bookmarks. To solve this, we have created a one click access tool, the search widget, which is embedded on the institution or library website
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  4. Citation information and author profiles for GEOBASE and GeoRef
    Understanding how research is being used, identifying key opinion leaders and understanding what they are researching is a time consuming task. Citation Counts, Citation Details and Author Profiles from Scopus provide exactly these insights and are now also available on GEOBASE and GeoRef, in addition to Ei Compendex and Inspec.
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  5. Interactive equations
    Knowing which engineering equation to use and how the equation works can be a challenge for anyone. So last but not least, we have added Knovel’s Interactive Equations which feature hundreds of engineering equations paired with worked examples in multiple areas of engineering.
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This is just a selection of innovations launched in 2014. Did you know Engineering Village launches new features and content on a monthly basis? We are making sure you will continue to make Engineering Village your first choice for serious engineering research!

In March we will also share the top 3 innovations Engineering Village has planned for 2015. Make sure you are not missing out on any of the great new stuff we are creating here at Engineering Village, by subscribing to our blog